A country,19M ambassadors, a new “Romanians are smart” ROM campaign on Romania’s national day

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As Romania’s National Day is close, ROM Autentic is offering the country a gift, the campaign “Romanians are smart”, under a new concept: “A country, 19M ambassadors”.

Starting 2011, at Rom Autentic initiative and thanks to the effort coming from 600,000 Romanians that searched “Romanians are smart” on Google, Romania was becoming the 1st country in the world changing its image over the internet.

In 2012, one year after campaign’s launch, the suggestions offered by Google searches are again negative, because the image of a country cannot be changed in a month or a year. That is why, under the tag line “A country, 19M ambassadors”, ROM Autentic is offering as gift to Romanians “Romanians are smart” campaign and aims to transform “Romanians are smart” in a country label.

In order to make things as simple as possible, ROM Autentic offers everyone the digital tools needed to change Romania’s image over the internet. So, as Romania’s ambassador over the internet, one has to make the following steps: enter on www.romaniisuntdestepti.ro and mention people and places that makes him/her proud to be Romanian, make his posts public and use the expression “romaniansaresmart” when writing on Facebook about Romania, use “Romanians are smart” when you write stories related to Romania on your blog or when you post a video on YouTube and also use the #romaniansaresmart hashtag when writing about Romania on Twitter or when posting pictures on Instagram.

All those info are available also in campaign’s tutorial, available on campaign’s website.

It isn’t a surprise that we went back where we started with in what concerns Google’s suggestions, the bad news are always spreading faster. On the other hand, the positive content about Romania exists, the problem is that it is very spread. What we want to do is to gather it all under just one “umbrella”, a country tag that will make it powerful and visible. We need to learn to use the tag “romanians are smart” each time we are writing about Romanians and Romania or we make photos with places and people that makes us proud and to make this tag very popular. A small gesture makes us country’s ambassador over the internet

Sebastian Olar

Copywriter McCann Erickson.

ROM became a symbol brand for Romanians and Romania. That is why it is normal to take a stance when we aren’t appreciated. The stereotypes on Romanians are also amusing and nice and ROM aims exactly that: to gather all that is positive about Romanians

Gabriela Munteanu

Marketing Manager Kandia Dulce.

Last year, I was happy to see how a Romanian brand can make positive PR for Romania. Especially among us, Romanians. Now I am happy to be together with ROM Autentic again, to show foreigners how “smart” we are and what a nice country we have. There are a lot of people active in online that are close to me. And how can we do this the best? By encouraging all people close to us to promote their country with their own thoughts, texts and images and to bring in the spotlight everything they found interesting

Cristian Manafu.

Starting November 22nd, www.romaniisuntdestepti.ro transforms into an aggregator that will gather all the positive content about Romania and Romanians, generated and tagged by everyone of us.