Competence Call Center launched Best Customer InterACTion book in Romania

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Competence Call Center constantly invests in know-how and Customer Experience tactics and, recently, launched Best Customer InterACTion book for the benefit of the Romanian local business community.

Clients relations culture is undergoing a transition process, from simple answers to customers demands (until recently) to expectations that the companies would become extremely pro-active in their efforts to offer memorable brand experience, that would generate long term loyality.

Starting from these premisesCompetence Call Center, European leader in contact center area in 7 countries for over 14 years, organized a press conference to inform the business community on relevant outsourcing trends, studies and statistics for 2013. During the same event, it was launched also the local printed edition of “Best Customer InterACTion – Creating Exceptional Experience in the Contact Center” book.

Also, novelties and strategic predictions within contact center and customer experience areas were presented during the event. In this contextMystery Shopping Agency – a company founded by Expo Media, offered the participants access to a study made this year in Romanian call centers, with focus on 7 important industries: telecom, banking, health, insurances, cable, IT, retail and pharma.

According to the study, only one of 4 retail IT providers doesn’t own IVR technology. At the 1st call towards an IVR self-care center, it takes 2 times more to get in touch with an agent than other times when you normally call. The emotional interaction with clients it is extremely appreciated by clients, even if they appreciate less the quality of services or the products. Most appreciated were industries like telecom, banking and cable.

For Europe, ECCCO (European Confederation of Contact Centres Organizations) communicated, after an official study, that there are 32,250 contact centers and estimated how call center industry will develop in the next 10 years. According to ECCCO, the sector will increase 12% in Eastern Europe and 5% in Central Europe, with Southern Europe to post a 8% increase per year, while Western Europe and Nordics will have just a slight evolution of 1-2%.

According to the study, over 60% of call centers’ employees in Europe are women (60% in Poland, 82% in Greece). When it comes of salaries, the best pay is  Switzerland  (Euro 4.173).

The speakers of the Romanian event were top specialists from Romania and abroad, people with a say in what concerns contact center’s industry evolution. They were Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti – Communications Management, Competence Call Center, Madalina Vilau – Managing Director Expo Media &  Managing Partner Customer Service School, Vincent Vanden Bossche – President ECCCO & Managing Director Call Communications.

“Best Customer InterACTion” book underlines outsourcing models from renown companies from 7 different industries, with some of presented examples being Ryanair, SKY, Vaillant, and Zalando.

Important personalities such as Bill Price – former manager Amazon, Arne Gillert – bestseller author, or  Thierry Muller – Senior Partner Ernst and Young France supported the project, together with leaders in customer service such as  Robert Murray, Manfred Stockmann, Vincent Vanden Bossche, or Madalina Vilau.

Competence Call Center is among the top European call centers and offers high quality services for 14 years, in 20 languages. Over 4,000 experts in customer service from 10 locations in 7 countries proved their competency with over 100M phone calls. The quality of company’s activity was confirmed by 37 international awards.

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