pastel handled the launch for the new Hochland fresh cheese range


Romanian pastel was responsible for the creative concept, in-store materials and the launch event for the new Hochland fresh cheese range.

The creative concept was inspired by new products’ characteristics and benefits, while the launch campaign’s message was a friendly one, with focus on the product and direct and personal conversation with the consumers.

The internal sales force was the 1st to find out about the new products, with over 150 people being present to an innovative and interactive event, organized as the General assembly of the Hochland town.

Event’s concept was unexpected and friendly: New in Town. Focusing on products’ characteristics, we made sure thet the team knows the new range and its features, understanding its positioning and communication direction (…) The products were exposed on a dummy town, that we created ourselves in the agency, by attaching each piece

Ioana Mucenic,

Managing Partner pastel.

To promote the new Hochland products in-store, there were used diversified materials such as posters, shelf-liners, shelf-stoppers, wobblers, flyers and fridges branding.

Teams involved in the campaign

  • pastel: Ioana Mucenic (visionary managing partner), Paul Cotor (fresh minded creative director), Mihaela Stoica (indeed efficient senior account), Ionela Toma (inspired senior copywriter), Alexandru Nedelcu (The cool – art director).
  • Hochland: Bianca Scumpu (Group Brand Manager), Raluca Osmanovici (Junior Brand Manager) and Mihaela Negrila (Assistant Director General).