Publicis Bucharest gets viral with its fight against traffic accidents

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Publicis Bucharest and Romanian Consultancy Center for Traffic Accidents’ Victims (CCVR) organized the 1st edition of the National Convention for Traffic Safety, last week, at Parliament’s Palace

The event aimed to bring back on Romanian public agenda International Day of Commemorating Traffic Accidents victims (this year marked on November 18th).

To prepare the event, that had among participants representatives from local and central authorities, institutions, civil society, academic and business circles, Publicis Bucharest realized a campaign that aimed to raise awareness and make drivers realize that the victims of their imprudence are, most of the times, innocent people.

Campaign’s idea is simple: when a traffic accident with victims happens, there’s no excuses. And there won’t be, in any case, an excuse to say to helped world get rid of a foul. In the end, an innocent person is hit. This would be the hardest punishment for a driver that doesn’t drive safe

Silviu Nedelschi

Group Creative Director, Publicis

The message sent aimed to be a metaphoric one, an advertising convention, and that is why the dictators used in the visuals, figures well known in any corner of the world, are already history from all points of view.

We dealt with a social case with many well-worn paths. We needed a surprising message to get the attention, otherwise we risked getting lost. No matter how shocking the visuals, we are talking here about historical characters. This way, the people will understand better the metaphor and the advertising convention

Silviu Nedelschi.

The campaign became viral instantaneously and went over the 1,000 likes and 4,000 shares limit in just 48 hours since it was posted on AdsOfTheWorld Facebook page. Also, on 9gag- Romanian Campaign for Safe Driving, the 3 visuals (“Hitler”, “Stalin” and “Saddam”) have almost 10,000 likes and over 9,000 shares.

Made by Publicis upon our request, the campaign had an impressive impact, showing one more time that professionalism and excellency are essential elements that contribute to a successful project, especially on such an important subject as road safety. We are happy that we had close to us a partner like Publicis and we will certainly continue to work with them for our next projects

Ion Mihail,

President CCVR Romania

Running in print and online, the campaign started mid-November and will last until December’s start.

The teams involved in the campaign are

  • CCVR:  Ion Mihail – President, Elena Mihail – Communication Coordinator
  • Publicis Bucharest: Razvan Capanescu – Chief Creative Officer, Vali Petridean – Group Creative Director/Art Director, Silviu Nedelschi – Group Creative Director/Copywriter, Laura Nedelschi – Copywriter, Iulia Gaal – Account Manager, Radu Baitan – Senior Producer.
  • Upstairs Studio – Photo / Retoucher
  • Mitra Film – Production.






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