Romanian Leo Burnett & Target signs a fundraising campaign for McDonald’s Romania

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Romanian advertising agency Leo Burnett & Target signs the national campaign McHappy Day 2012 for McDonald’s Romania, that aims to raise the funds needed to acquire a new tomographic computer for “Grigore Alexandrescu” kids hospital in Bucharest.

As every year, Ronald McDonald Foundation is gathering funds, via McDonald’s, for children hospitals in Romania. Because we like the cause, we decided to help, with the campaign “I crave to do good”. To do something good, here is one more reason to eat at McDonald’s. It is a simple idea, but we hope it is strong enough to gather the money Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital needs

Carmen Tiderle,

Creative Director Leo Burnett.

The campaign takes place from November 19th to November 25th and the project to raise funds will run for the next 12 months. The campaign developed by Leo Burnett includes TV, print, online and materials for McDonald’s restaurants all over the country.

The proposal Leo Burnett & Target came up with was the one that got closest to our vision and our demands. We thank them for the developed campaign and for the fact that they are close to us in our efforts to bring to our consumers the desire to get involved and do good. Also, the strategy adopted reflects the dedication of McDonald’s team in the annual McHappy Day program

Daniel Boaje

General Manager McDonald’s Romania.

McHappy Day is the main event through which the projects of Ronald McDonald Foundation are supported by McDonald’s employees and consumers, company’s partners and public persons. Through the aimed target, McDonald’s Romania wants to improve the treatment conditions and to offer, inside the hospital, performant medical services.

Teams involved in the campaign are

  • Leo Burnett & Target: Andreea Boaca – BrandComm Director, Diana Alexa – BrandComm Manager, Carment Tiderle – Creative Director, Tudor Cuciuc – Creative Director, Sorin Deleanu – Producer, Radu Radulescu – Art Director, Alexandru Covrig – Art Director and Valentin Lica – Copywriter.
  • McDonald’s: Alexandra Olaru – Communication Director, Ramona Gireada – Communication Manager and Rares Ciovica – Marketing Director.