Thinkdigital Romania introduces a new ad format on Facebook

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Thinkdigital Romania, Facebook representative for 6 countries in the region, announced the introduction of the “log-out experience” format, that can be reserved with no other conditioning related to premium formats.

Logout experience (LOX) is a format available exclusively through the regional Facebook representative and consists in transforming the cover picture in timeline in ad space, photo or video.

It is the most visible format allowed until now by Facebook, that occupies practically over 80% of the screen, in the moment when the session on the platform is closed, when the user logs out. Over 2M Romanians from the 5.2 daily users are accessing Facebook from more desktops – one at home, one at the office – and log off in order to maintain their data confidentiality. This log offs are targeted by the new format that, during an ordinary day, guarantees around 1.1M unique viewers at a medium click rate of over 1%

Dragos Stanca

Managing Partner Thinkdigital Romania.

In Romania, ad spaces can be acquired on Facebook in 2 ways: either via establishing a price in real time on an auction-style marketplace platform, or through premium and special formats (or complex intersections of data bases), with the last categories being operated only by Facebook authorized partners, as Thinkdigital is for Romania