Dacia at Gaudeamus Book Fair, a communication project signed by Publicis Bucharest and Publicis Events

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Romanian agencies Publicis Bucharest and Publicis events are handling communication for Dacia at international book fair Gaudeamus for the 4th year in the row, after winning a pitch related to this project

As a traditional partner, Dacia invited this year also people to be present at Gaudeamus (book fair taking place in Bucharest between November 21st-25th)

This year’s campaign for Dacia-Gaudeamus partnership continues naturally the campaign started in 2009, with a new approach angle.

Four years ago, when we won the 1st time this project, we proposed a long term platform, with strategis steps that can offer continuity to the project

Catalin Albu,

Client Service Director, Publicis Bucharest

As for a person that read books any word or symbol can become a source of inspiration for a story and looking for a new link between literature and auto world, creatives from Publicis figured that the “humble” circulation signs one meets every day can also tell stories.

In book’s world, we imagined that each of these signs can create or lead towards a story. This is how the creative concept was born: each traffic sign can, actually, be a visual in itself, a cover, a graphic expression, the concentrated essence of a literary work

Catalin Albu.

The essence of the campaign is surprised via an interactive Facebook app that allows the visitors of the official page to enter a contest where they have the chance to win books and a Nook Touch tablet (wi-fi e-reader). Book fans only have to choose, from among 3 answers option, the title of the book from international literature that matches the visual with the presented traffic sign. The draw will take place on Saturday, on November 24th, at Dacia stand organized by Publicis Events at Gaudeamus.

The teams involved in the campaign included:

Publicis & Publicis Events: Razvan Capanescu (Chief Creative Director), Dan Frinculescu (Group Creative Director), Mihai Costache (Copywriter), Paul Goti (Art Director), Corina Marin (DTP), Corin Chiriac (Online Strategy Director), Marius Farcasanu (Online Art Director), Catalin Albu (Client Service Director), Clarisa Rosu (Account Director), Luiza Vrinceanu (Account Manager), Victor Maier (Account Executive), Bogdan Voina (BTL Account Manager), Cristian Balaci (Senior Producer), Florin Petrache (Production Director), Petronela Onitoiu (Production Manager).

Dacia Romania: Anca Oreviceanu (Communication Director), Luiza Domnisoru (Chief PR service), Cristina Vaduva (PR Specialist – responsable for Dacia Gaudeamus 2012 project), Viviana Popescu (Chief Marketing&Advertising Department), Ruxandra Dinca (Online & CRM responsible).