Knowledge, time and abilities exchanges, via


Timebank was launched on November 21st and it is the 1st online platform in Romania that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, abilities and time. It is a platform where users can get to know each other and share knowledge and abilities, and pay for it with an alternative currency (hours).

The vision of the project is to build communities based on learning and common passions and to help creating a learning system based on each individuals needs.

The project won, in May, Restart in Education, organized by TechSoup Romania, where it ranked first and got the Euro 5,000 prize offered by Romanian-American Foundation. It competed with other 86 enlisted projects.

TimeBank Romania association was founded in 2012’s summer and aims to bring back the joy in education through The association includes 20 volunteers specialized in IT, communication, HR and Romanian students from Bucharest, Iasi, UK and Netherlands.