MEC Romania, awarded 1st prize for advertising services by Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Creativity, Marketing, Media

MEC Romania was designated winner of the National Top of Companies 2012 (19th edition of the ranking). The national award for small companies in services category for 2011 is awarded by Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), that designates the winners considering legislation and a complex methodology.

Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an autonomous organization, non-governmental, that supports business community’s interests and promotes the creation of a standing, coherent and transparent environment in the private sector. CCIR reunites the entire network of the 42 Chambers of commerce and industry in Romanian counties, bilateral commerce chambers and professional associations.

MEC Romania won 1st prize in Services / Advertising and was awarded the accolades during a gala organized on November 22nd. The economic performances of Romanian companies are determined for each merchant, based on a special calculation algorithm and selection criteria. Awarded are economic performance, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation courage, ethics in busines.

MEC Romania is member of WPP. Agency’s portfolio includes both local and international clients such as BCR, Baneasa Shopping City, Tchibo, Strauss, URBB, Baiersdorf, Colgate Palmolive, Citibank, Visa, Danone and Xerox.

I am very happy to receive this prize in MEC Romania’s name, because it sums up the results of our entire 36 strong people team work in these difficult times, when media industry’s budgets, after 4 years of crisis, shrank to half compared with 2008. Even in these conditions, we managed to maintain constant the quality of our work, our volumes remained competitive and all those things remind me one of the most important characteristics of MEC team, that lead our agency to be designated number 1 at national level by Bucharest Commerce And Industry Chamber: the perseverance in our continuous development!

Six years ago, out of curiosity, we honored the invitation from Commerce Chamber and our results ranked 46th nationally and, today, we are number 1. We are at last what we thought and worked for during last 6 years

Bogdan Prajisteanu

General Manager MEC Romania