Michelin Romania launched the car that works on Like-s, on its Facebook page

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Michelin Romania launched, in September, the car that works on Like-s, through its new Facebook page. Like after like and kilometer after kilometer, Michelin droves its fans in an unforgettable virtual journey, offering useful advices and inspiration for real life.

If you are passioned by driving or travels, by fueling Michelin car with likes, you will get the chance to make new discoveries

Alina Papa,

Communication Director Michelin Romania&Balkans

With the launch of the localized Facebook page, Michelin Romania consolidates its presence in online and continues its communication strategy with its clients that are present in this medium.

Considering that many of Michelin’s clients are very active on social media platforms, our presence here was a normal one, especially as this space is suited for an open and transparent discussion, representative for the communication between Michelin and its clients

Alina Papa.

Day by day, Michelin offers its Facebook fans useful advises, curiosities and fascinating stories from Michelin, info structured in Michelin Club, A KM of story, Michelin Day by day, a history in motion, careers, travelling guide and auto-motor competition.

In November, Michelin launched on Facebook the all Road Trip Michelin Contest, that offers the fans the possibility to make a virtual road trip in Romania, choosing one of the 5 itineraries proposed by Michelin Green Guide. Once the itinerary is selected, users are invited to chose 3 friends to accompany them. At the end of the journey, the users will receive a real map they will be able to use during their next car trip. They will also enter a draw to win one of the 50 Michelin travel kits.

Besides its Facebook page, Michelin Romania also launched this year an YouTube channel, where visitors can find movies related to Michelin (events, product launches, ads, but also educative movies and product presentations), and optimized its website for mobile

Through our presence on all those online communication channels, we wanted to be close to different communities, communicating with clients exactly where they are, offering them practical advice and inviting them to discover Michelin world, a mobile and friendly one, with no imposed borders, so that, with an open dialogue, to be able to create a durable relationship

Alina Papa.

In 2 months since the localized Facebook page was launched in Romania, almost 7,000 users declared themselves brand’s fans and a significant part of them are very active through comments, likes, shares and participation in contests.

Michelin’s digital strategy was coordinated by Michelin Romania & Balkans through Alina Papa – Communication Director, Bogdan Boboc – Webmaster and Irina Septilici – Events Director, with support from a TBWA team that included : Dragos Rosca – Digital Artist, Sebastian Romano – Copywriter, Bogdan Badiu – Copywriter, Alin Marghidanu – Creative Director, Laura Nedeleschi – Creative Director, Alexandru Tertisco – Web Developer, Daniel Ivan – Front-End Developer, Oana Romanescu – Account Executive and Daniela Ioan – Account Director.

Michelin Group started its activities in Romania in august 2001 and, in present, it has in Romania almost 3,000 employees, 3 factories (2 in Zalau and 1 in Floresti) and a commercial network. Starting 2005, Romania became the regional center for Michelin Group’s operations in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia & Hertegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.