AVON launched a program to help women victims of domestic violence


On International Day against Domestic Violence, AVON Romania launched “1,000 beds” program, under “Respect Campaign” umbrella, a project that aims to support women that are victims of domestic violence. Through the program, AVON aims to gather the needed funds to supplement the number of beds that exist in Romanian maternal centers.

In Romania, there are around 53 shelters for domestic violence victims, with the available places insufficient to offer protection and support to all women that have to face this problem. Through AVON’s program, anyone can help gather the funds for the needed beds, by buying a collection of jewels. The money gathered from selling this collection will integrally go to the program.

Starting 2008, we are talking to women about respect and liverty. Respect campaign for women aimed to support abused women and their families and to break domestic violence chain. We think the biggest problem we are fighting now is that violence is considered something normal in Romania. By increasing the number of beds in the shelters dedicated to domestic violence victims, we can help these women to start a new life, far from beatings and sufference

Raluca Kișescu,

Marketing Director AVON Romania and Moldova.

“1000 beds” program was launched on November 27th, in Sibiu, where there were organized 2 events and where Andreea Marin Banica, AVON ambassador, invited the public to help break the domestic violence chains and free the victims.

I decided to join “1000 beds” campaign because I understand and support with all my heart the cause AVON fights for. Domestic violence is still a taboo subject in Romania and women are afraid to talk about the nightmare they live in their own homes. It is the moment to break the silence and free them from violence’s chains. Maybe 1000 beds more aren’t too much, but this is an important step that we can do only with your help

Andreea Marin Banica