Carlsberg to support Premier League during the next 3 years

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Carlsberg and Premier League closed a 3 years agreement, with Carlsberg becoming the official beer of the British football competition. The partnership will cover 3 seasons, starting season 14 in 2013 until at least 2015.

Starting 1847, Carlsberg made itself known as an innovative brand and actively participated to creating unique moments in consumers’ lifes, with the slogan “That calls for a Carlsberg”encouraging people to be themselves and follow their dreams. In the same time, Premier League is a competition that generates ambitions and generates heroes. We are glad to announce such an inspired values association, that combines the ideologies of the 2 legendary brands. That calls for a Carlsberg!

Roccos Cosmatos

VP Marketing URBB

The partnership between Carlsberg and European football has a long history, so the partnership with Premier League came to reconfirm this tradition. Carlsberg will also introduce a new platform to communicate with football fans not just in UK, but also in the rest of the world.

Premier League is a professional competition for football clubs, on top of the British football leagues. The competition was founded in 1992 and, since than, it became the most watched football league in the world. A Premier League season lasts for 9 months and includes over 380 football games, broadcasted in 212 countries all over the world.

Carlsberg is distributed on 140 markets all over the world and was launched on the Romanian market in 2001.