Fast Forward Communication transforms in People and enters Millenium People Group

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The PR and digital team behind Fast Forward Communication formed a new agency, People Public Relationships Agency, that became part of  Millenium People communication group. As a name, Fast Forward Communications remains on the market, but the agency changes specialization, going for BTL, and will be managed by Stefan Toma.

This is an important decision and is in line with the realities of today’s communication industry. We need the support of a powerful group so our business would consolidate and grow, so we would be able to benefit, for our clients, by an as large as possible expertise for our clients. Our policy on services and solutions we offer to our clients remains unchanged (…)

Tudor Daescu,

Managing Partner People Public Relationships Agency.

People works for 9 years with Logitech and worked for 5 years with Samsung Electronics Romania.

Agency’s office in Sofia also takes over the new brand and continues to service clients such as Logitech, Philips and AOC.

People has in its portfolio, besides the already mentioned clients, brands such as Vans, Allview, Garmin/ Sheba Distribution, Vespa, Niro Investment Group and Grand Cinema Digiplex.

There are 15 years this year since I started Millenium. Today, Millenium People network includes 10 organizations and People Public Relationships Agency is the 10th (…) People are important for us and Tudor Daescu is one of the first 3 colleagues I had 15 years ago (…)

Andrei Bortun

Millenium People

Millenium People includes a creative agency (Rusu + Bortun Brand Growers), 2 PR agencies (Bortun Olteanu & People Public Relationships Agency), a digital agency (Rusu + Bortun Cyber Growers), a BTL agency (Luna Millenium) and a CSR agency (The CSR Agency). Adding to those is The Institute, that organizes most of Romanian communication industry’s events (Internetics, AdPrint, Effie Awards, ADC, Civil Society’s Gala and so on).