Why don’t you come over – over 100 international news outlets covered Romanian campaign


“Why don’t you come over” campaign, launched by GMP Advertising and Gandul.info and that invited Brits to come to Romania instead of fearing of Romanians invading their country, ended with a message from Romanians to the British Prime Minister David Cameron, published in The Guardian on February 11th .

Started by GMP Advertising and Romanian online daily Gandul and continued with help from Webstyler, “Why don’t you come over?” campaign started as an answer to “Don’t come to UK” campaign, launched by The Guardian. In just 2 weeks, GMP’s campaign managed to get global reach and showed to foreigners and Romanians that one can say good things about Romanians also.

The results of the campaign:

  • Over 5M impressions in Romanian press (print, online, radio, TV)
  • Over 100 materials in international mass-media
  • Over 1.5M impressions on Facebook
  •  49,000 impressions on Twitter
  • Over 17,000 impressions on blogs and in comments
  • Over 60,000 comments in Romanian online press
  • Over 300 Romanians offered their couches to Brits willing to visit Romania
  • 2 Brits applied for jobs in Romania 

The campaign had a big international impact and visibility in titles in UK, US, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Brasil, India, Switzerland or Pakistan. “Why don’t you come over” was covered by Financial Times, Associated Press, BBC News, Huffington Post, Reuters, ZDF, Daily Mirror, The Independent, El Mundo, The World or BBD Lincolnshire. The campaign also made it in Time.