“A present for March 8: No slap” – a campaign for Sensiblu Foundation, signed by G2


On Woman’s Day, G2 and Sensiblu Foundation ran a campaign against domestic violence, under the tagline “A present for March 8th: No slap”. The objective of the campaign was to generate contrast from the celebration day by presenting a tough reality: 12,600 women are domestically abused in Romania (according to the most recent statistic, dated 2009).

The campaign started on the radio, during “Guerilla in the Morning with Dobro and Craio” , by relaying some shocking statements like “a woman should know her place. If she does stupid things, you have to put her mind back in her head”.

The reactions appeared immediately  with some listeners being revolted, other supported the violent message and others that would have preferred not to discuss about this topic.

The message spread fast on Facebook and personal blogs. The campaign continued with SMS-es with dedications on different TV channels.

The second stage of the campaign consisted in unveiling the solution for domestic violence victims, with an advertorial reportage broadcasted, on March 9th, by Stirile Pro TV 19.00. With this occasion, the public was informed about the shocking statements on radio and on TVs and the abused women were informed that Sensiblu Foundation has a special phone line where they can call for help.

The way we implemented the campaign, live at Guerilla in the Morning, generated revolted reactions both from listeners and online. That was exactly what we wanted. We wanted not to be nice and shy with a simple message in a print or a video ad, but we aimed to give a live-sample on how domestic violence manifests. Everyone was disturbed. Perfectly! This is the 1st step towards changing the attitude related to this phenomena that is perceived as a sad normality that one chooses to ignore

Sorana Somesan

Senior Copywriter G2

The teams involved in making included

  • G2 Romania: Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Alina Varlanuta (Copywriter), Sorana Somesan  (Senior Copywriter), Florina Alexandru (Senior Art Director), Razvan Ludu (Senior Art Director), Stefan Vasilachi (Head of Art), Alina Buzatu (Head of Planning), Radu Glont (New Business Director), Nicoleta Dima (Account Manager), Monica Gheorghe (Traffic Manager).
  • Sensiblu Foundation: Cristina Horia – Executive Director Sensiblu Foundation, Veronica Dobre – PR Manager.

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