Alex Negrea joins Spada agency as Head of Facebook Department

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Alex Negrea joined Spada agency, where he took over as Head of Facebook department, according to info on Spada’s and Negrea’s blogs.

Andrei Rosca, General Manager Spada, mentioned, on agency’s blog, that he knows Negrea since 2007 and worked together many times.

Alex Negrea (left) and Andrei Rosca (right); Source: Spada blog

Few years later, in 2012, I had a social media agency and Alex was working as Social Media Manager for BCR, being the best (and most known) Facebook specialist in Romania. Naturally, I wanted us to work together. I spoke to Alex, we decided to take it easy and to find out together the best way to do so, and the opportunity appeared when Spada decided to launch Social Media School, the 1st intensive social media training in Romania

Andrei Rosca

Alex Negrea also announced the job change on his blog, mentioning he realized he needed more time for his projects in the end of 2012 and decided to quit from BCR as spending 8 hours in an office weren’t helping his plans. Negrea started working for BCR in October 2010.