SEO monitor introduces SEO monitor App for managers

Business, Digital & Media, Marketing

SEO monitor agency launched SEO monitor App, the only SEO app dedicated to managers that offer, in an integrated format, data on the financial efficiency of the indirect traffic on companies’ websites and directly contributes to identifying strategic directions.

A first on Romanian market, the app answers, in an unique format, to some key questions such as: how can I bring on my website the clients that aren’t directly looking for the brand?, what key words position me the fastest on top? how difficult is to get there and how can I maintain my position there? and where do really the sales come, beyond direct traffic?

SEO monitor App brings a series of improvements comparable to measurement instruments available until now, namely:

  • insures info for non-brand and non-provided searches, segmented for each of them
  • suggest key words that are easy to adopt to increase visibility, with as efficient as possible resources
  • underlines the impact of Google searches on buying a product, following the search-visit-buy route

With SEO monitor App, we bring 3 innovations: clarity in understanding the way clients get on websites, possibility to see which is the fastest way to grow in searches, and how the visits are converted in sales. These are parameters that allow an “aimed point – hit point” approach when it comes of investments in online marketing

Cosmin Negrescu,

CEO SEO monitor.

SEO monitor App is, before all, a new instrument to increase businesses and confirms our idea that tech and innovation are a support for development. I liked the idea of integrating parameters that can influence campaign’s efficiency because I am oriented towards results. Team’s research work brought, as a plus, elements that make the product unique on the market and I hope we will have it will be a success on local and international markets, underlining in the same time the Romanian creativity

Ion Sturza,

President GreenLight Invest (main shareholder in Bunt Studio, developer of SEO monitor App).


SEO monitor App is the results of a year of research and development within SEO monitor and launches initially on Romanian market, exclusively for agency’s network of clients and partners. The product is in Beta version and, in June 2013, will be launched publicly, also on international markets.

SEO monitor is one of the most efficient solutions of SEO for Romanian businesses, a revolutionary service and a platform that allows companies to make themselves visible on the online market and generate new business opportunities. SEO monitor has in its portfolio clients such as,,,,, Litera, Best Jobs, Borealy, MiniPrix, Noriel and Edenia.