Cannes Lions launches Young Media Academy

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Cannes Lions will launch another new academy this year, a young media academy which will complete a line-up of six academies at this year’s Festival.

Aimed at young media professionals working within media agencies and media companies, Cannes Lions Young Media Academy is a week-long structured program focusing on creativity in media. During the program, delegates will develop a deeper understanding of the impact of creativity, how to manage relationships between the idea, the media channel and consumer behavior and gain insight into the major issues and challenges that lie ahead.

The class will follow a bespoke week of exclusive academy presentations and will include:

  • Understanding and providing effectiveness – case studies and presentations from previous Creative Effectiveness Lions winners
  • How do clients judge creativity? The breakdown of a Lion winning campaign presented by the client and agency
  • Understanding the ways clients think and act – insights from global brands
  • Deconstructing analytics and metrics in a creative advertising world
  • Understanding the challenges of social media and measuring ROI
  • The technological evolution of media, channels and consumers’ behaviour – presentations from technologists and developers

The academy will be lead by Maria Luisa Francoli, founder of global digital agency Media Contacts and former Global CEO MPG. Throughout her career, Maria Luisa has made creativity in media a priority

Maria Luisa Francoli - Photo, Dean Dorat

I am thrilled with this initiative and feel very honoured to have been invited to lead the academy. The fact that Cannes is allocating so much attention and resources to promote creativity among young media professionals is great news for the industry and a wonderful privilege for the first 35 members of the academy. I will do my best to ensure that we all take maximum advantage of the opportunity!

Maria Luisa Francoli

Understanding how creativity can be used within media strategy is essential if the industry wants to innovate. This academy will provide inspiration and tailored training in a focused and distilled environment. We’re delighted that Maria Luisa, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, will be leading the academy.

Steve Latham,

Head of Talent & Training Cannes Lions

The academy will run throughout the Festival week from Sunday 16 June to Saturday 22 June and is open to young media professionals aged 28 and under. The cost of the academy is Euro 1,945 .


Material written by Vera Gavrila and Andreea Popescu