Brandtailors got 3 European accolades for Ymens rebranding

Branding, ITC

Brandtailors won 3 European awards for the rebranding program developed for Ymens, 2 Bronzes at 2013 Transform Awards (“Best corporate rebrand to reflect changed mission/values/positioning” and “Best rebrand from the technology, media & telecommunications sector”) and a “Highly Commended” distinction in “Best Rebrand from Eastern Europe” category.

Developed in order to benefit M.O.R.E.’s positioning shift within the cloud solutions category – from anonymity to undisputed leader of its category – and to build and consolidate the company’s value and reputation on an increasingly competitive IT&C market, the rebranding program developed for Ymens stands out through the perfect symbiosis between strategy and design.

The brand’s ambition to become synonymous with the cloud computing services category materializes by means of the “Cloud is no limit” slogan, an inspiring statement for the construction of Ymens’ brand rhetoric, which is built around communicating the cloud solutions benefits on the strength of the “infinite possibilities” attribute.

The brand’s visual identity revolves around the brand name’s letter Y and around the cloud, an imperative-by-nature visual element that raises a further claim on the cloud solutions category as pertaining to the brand.

The brand’s ebullience, charisma and humanity manifest themselves within the visual territory – a mix of collage, illustration, tilt shift color photography and black & white panoramic photography – contributing to Ymens’ liveliness and to the enhancement of the customers’ associations with regards to the friendliness of the cloud technology.

Brandtailors team that worked on the project included Beatrice Danis, Anca Tazlaoanu, Ovidiu Pop, Mircea Constantinescu, Lehel Mor Mako, Alexandru Tudoran, Andreea Florea, Anca Niculae and Mihai Parpalea.

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