Most recent Stejar Strong image campaign, signed by Arsenoaiei & Matasel


Romanian strategy and creative agency Arsenoaiei & Matasel launched a new image campaign for Stejar Strong, bringing in discussion the reasons why men drink beer. The campaign is declined in OOH and digital.

Stejar beer is a brand we are very fond of, because it has a very well defined positioning: it is a beer with a strong character and a “strong essence” target. That is why the campaign was approached through the eyes of most its consumers, real men that know how to appreciate Stejar beer in all its complexity. All those identified situations become really memorable for those men, if they are accompanied by a beer that matches them. We started from the idea that the beer enjoying is a combination between all liquid’s characteristics – where taste is only an element – and the emotional charge of the consumption moments for men

Razvan Matasel,

Strategy Director and Partner Arsenoaiei & Matasel.

barbati cu gust

Stejar Strong’s powerful character is illustrated via 7 visuals that presents the reasons why men choose to enjoy a strong essence beer, in various consumption situations. Moreover, website highlights the fact a man that know to appreciate beer doesn’t limit only to its taste, but also seeks for memorable experiences that he can afterwards share with friends.

Of course that, in enjoying a beer, the taste has an important role, but we cannot limit the experience only to this. We are talking here about Stejar Strong, a beer that is different from the others and preferred by strong essence men. Due to its complex character, we can find more reasons to enjoy the experience of a Stejar beer. The really important moments worth accompany with a beer that matches them

Stefan Teodorescu,

Group Brand Manager Ursus Breweries.

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