MOL Romania and DDB to award loyality with a Toyota Yaris

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Romanian agency DDB Romania, part of the group, made a campaign that invites MOL oil stations’ clients to start on the road with hundreds of prizes that can make their day better. They can accumulate loyality points in a new campaign for MOL Multibonus.

The campaign was developed under the concept “Connect the dots” and is based on a mechanism that sees points accumulated at every use of Multibonus card for fueling in MOL oil stations in Romania. During the entire year, the points transform in awards that clients can pick up from the annual or summer catalogs.

Roxana Memetea

Stopping at an oil station is still, many times, yet another thing you need to do during a day, along with many others. That is why we support 100% MOL Romania’s initiative to transform this task into a pleasant experience and, why not, in a shopping sessions…on points courtesy of the hosue. And because DDB’s mission is to create memorable interactions with its promoted brands, we developed an integrated online and offline campaign. By simply scanning the QR code from the posters in the oil stations, clients access instantaneously our promotion’s landing page, where the catalog and many other surprises are waiting for them

Roxana Memetea,

Managing Partner DDB Romania.

MOL is a brand that appreciates its clients and that is why it awards their loyality with points gathered via MultiBonus card, the only loyality instrument on oil market. You gather the points and we transform them in prizes and, moreover, you can leave the oil station with a brand new Toyota Yaris, if you are the winner of the draw. DDB team developed a dynamic proposal to emphasize the mechanism of Multibonus program and we are convinced that the answer of our clients will match it

Camelia Ene,

Retail Sales & Marketing Manager MOL Romania.

Campaign’s mechanism is simple, consumers must gathered Multibonus points between March 11th and May 12th and have the chance to win the big prize – a Toyota Yaris – or tens of awards on daily basis. The campaign included print, posters in oil stations, radio ads, online banners (on auto, financial and lifestyle websites) and campaign landing page.