10 years later, Friends Advertising reinvents and invests in a new business model

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Romanian independent advertising agency Friends Advertising started, in 2013, exactly 10 years after entering the market, a reinvention process for its business that has as purpose to make agency’s services able to answer the most sophisticated needs of communication between brands and consumers, including in the digital environment.

Friends Advertising invests around half million dollars to support the process, that includes new resources within the agency (creative, strategy and planning), trainings, consultants, partnerships, developing new companies and instruments .

Sorin Tranca

In the end, Friends will be able to decide more scientifically where it touches better, more often and more relevant a consumer of an X  brand, that has more and more digital habits

Sorin Tranca,

Founder & Creative Director Friends Advertising

The announcement related to the new business model comes as the agency celebrates 10 years since founding, in April.

In the first 10 years of life, Friends centered the entire creative process on knowing the consumer. We can say we are a start-up, with the same focus – on consumer and its infotainment need – , but on a new and more intelligent business construction

Sorin Tranca.

The main beneficiary of this development process – that will last for the entire year – will be the end consumer.

Interactivity and efficiency in communication will be Friends’ pillars in the multimedia strategy and creation process

Nicu Stancescu,

Managing Director Friends Advertising

In the relation with clients, Stancescu says the agency will bet on integrated communication solutions and, anytime is possible, on measurable results.

Friends Advertising was founded in 2003, by Sorin Tranca and Bojan Spasic, the creative team with highest longevity (15 years) from Romanian advertising industry. In 2006, Friends made the first steps towards digital, allocating resources and competencies dedicated to this medium.

The agency has Sorin Tranca as main shareholder and, last year, its turnover was of RON 3.83M, up 67% compared to previous year.

In 2008, Friends founded Friends for Friends Foundation (FFFF), that developed a series of innovative projects and projects of social entrepreneurship, such as Superscrieri Awards, Creative Fitness Studio, Innovation Library, Creative Lobe, Drafts

Among agency’s successfull projects are the relaunch of Silva for Heineken Romania (2012), repositioning Love Plus for PSI Romania (2012), Let’s Do It Romania (2011), Axe Men-Wash (2008),  Delikat’s rebranding for Unilever (2007), repositioning Izvorul Minunilor (2007-2008), Sibex rebranding (2011).

Friends Advertising works or worked during the time with clients such as Heineken (Silva), Unilever (Dero, Coccolino, Algida, Knorr, Delikat, Sunsilk, Omo, Dove, Rexona, Axe), Philip Morris International (Chesterfield, Phillip Morris, L&M), Love Plus, SIBEX, IGSU, Danone, Canon Photo-Video CEE (regional account), Tina R, Medrom, Intersnack, Euro 26, Gealan, Siemens Romania, Libra Bank, Healthy Children Foundation, Porsche Bucuresti Vest 2, Valrom, Eclipse Sat Londra, Fan Courier, European Drinks, Tiriac Imobiliare, Adama, Sensiblu, Dimri International, Raiffeisen Evolution, ITV Rusia, Titanmar, Monopoly Media, Rigips, Say Shops, PSI Swaziland, A&D Pharma, Romfelt Real Estate, Cris-Tim, F64 and Let’s Do It Romania.

Friends is a social brand, present on Facebook, news and advertising related matters website , Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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