Propaganda Brand new created 1 Mai brand for Meda Prod

Branding, Creativity

Propaganda Brand New, branding division of the Romanian advertising agency Propaganda, created the identity of the newest Meda Prood brand, the processed meat products 1 Mai.

On a market that continued to decrease as prices increased during last couple years, Romanians started to consume less and less meat products. In this context, Meda Prod, one of the top 20 processed meat products producers in Romania, aimed to develop its portfolio, this year, towards the economy segment, introducing on the market a new brand, built from scratch.

Propaganda received the mission to create a strong and attractive identity for this brand. The brand targets the “working class”, a segment that, normally, isn’t the target of direct communication for any meat product brand. The objective was clear: create a new economy brand to be visible on the market and known by consumers.

The creative concept Propaganda Brand New came up with started from the target (following an analysis of the Romanian that was to consume the new products, his lifestyle, daily activities) and the qualities of the new product (dedicated to the workers, satiable, cheap and tasty).

In Romania, there are many simple people that work hard and that often make physical labor and need a proper ‘fuel’ to give them energy and force for the daily activities they make. We wanted to target those people in a more direct manner, because the products were made especially for their needs: give them energy, are tasty and satiable and also easy for the wallet (…)

Diana Caracota,

Planner Propaganda

 The name – 1 Mai – came naturally, as it is the day when all people that work are celebrated, the day all Romanians take a break and, most often, celebrate this with a meal.

What I can say about the project is that it made me happy and pleasantly surprised me the fact that the client understood that, for such a name, a matching visual universe is needed, an universe inspired both from the communist period (the reachest from visual and clichee point of view) but also from our days’ realities. Using the elements from insignia and pre-Revolution decorations areas offers memorability and, maybe, a bit of a nostalgic, familiar feeling. when it comes of product’s labels, we opted for simplicity, contrast and strong color for shelf visibility

Vlad Bojan,

Head of Design, Propaganda Brand New.

1 Mai products were already launched in the stores, where are also promoted in order to position the brand as one for working people. Campaign’s slogan says the products are “for those who go to work, not to the office’ and the visuals are showing an universe of Romanian workers from different fields, together with messages and lines that talk to them directly, in a friendly and funny way.

For us, it is the 1st brand that targets a segment of consumers for which the price of the product is the one that matters. But a small price had to be translated in consumers’ universe, in their values and attitudes. We were pleasantly surprised by the proposal, we made tests in some focus groups and we hope to confirm the expectations. The differentiation on our market, where everyone use ‘traditional’ or ‘tasty’, is hard to obtain. What we noticed during the photo-shooting, that we made on a construction site for 1 Mai posters, was to notice that the workers there, during their lunch break, had the same sandwich – “submarine” – made from half of loaf of bread and salami, same as the one held by one of our characters in the poster

Mihai Dinculescu,

Senior Brand Manager, Meda Prod

The teams working on  brand’s development and campaign included

  • Meda Prod: Mihai Dinculescu – Senior Brand Manager, Florin Rizea – General Manager
  • Propaganda Brand New: Vlad Bojan – Head of Design, Bogdan Moraru – Creative Director, Dan Stanescu – Head of Copy, Alex Tocilescu –    Copywriter, Claudia Cristutiu – Branding Manager, Corina Iovan – Strategic Planning Director, Diana Carcota – Planner, Marian Matei and George Paraschivescu – DTP, Miriam Ivanescu and Claudiu Petria – Account Manager