Romanian Kinecto developed an online platform that will revolutionize marketing research

Digital & Media, Marketing, Studies

Kinecto developed ZappiStore, an online marketing research platform that aims to democratize this marketing branch and make it more accesible for small and medium companies, that cannot afford financing classical research studies.

Betting on verified methodologies and know-how from recognized marketing research companies, ZappiStore offers to the companies that want to make marketing research in UK, Australia and US a real and immediate benefit, offering them the possibility to get a relevant answer from their target public, for a fraction of the normal research prize and in just couple hours.

ZappiStore launches with 3 products: New Product Development, Creative Testing and Choose It, a collection of research apps that cover professional methodologies such as creative campaigns testing, product development, brand positioning. New and different from the classical research process is the fact that those studies are developed and moderated fully online and the results are delivered fast, in an interactive report developed around the key questions that need answers.

In March, just a few days after launch, ZappiStore received Award for Research Distinction from ARF (Advertising Research Foundation New York, most important research organization in US) and, also, it was the winning project at Insight innovation Competition Award.

ZappiStore is a project that kept us in tension many times, in tele-conferences programmed to match the working hours of our partners and from which we learned a lot about surpassing the problems in online development. Because we knew from the start that we must deliver a product that has as main features simplicity and efficiency for user, and this makes the back-end part much more complicated. We hope to have soon also on Romanian market this kind of products, able to ease agencies work

Radu Ionescu

Creative Director Kinecto Romania

Kinecto offered us the flexibility and input we needed to develop the platform. ZappiStore is an ambitious project, with many parts that are moving and that raised a lot of questions and problems during development, so we needed a partner that won’t just execute an idea, but also be pro-active and involved in the process. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to work again with Radu and his team even if, this time, most of the emails are in English. We could say we built yet another happy case study of a Romanian agency, delivering over expectations on a much larger and competitive market thann ours

Catalina Cernica

Managing Director Spring Research & Director ZappiStore

The project is supported by top professionals in research field: Spring Research, marketing research specialists,  Intellection Software, specialized in marketing research automation, and  SwissPeaks, experts in developing online polls. For a better results deliverability time, ZappiStore made a partnership with SSI, global leader in consumer panels, with access to large samples of respondents, needed for a fast answer.

The identity and ZappiStore’s website were developed by Kinecto, with a team including Madalina State – Account Manager, Ionut Dorobantu – Chief Programmer, Sorin Sfetcu – Strategic Planner, Mihai Dumitru – Senior Strategic Planner, Stefan Perju – Copywriter, Octavian Arnaut – Designer, Marius Vlad – Designer and Radu Ionescu – Creative Director.

ZappiStore team included Tom Holliss – Head of Technology, Steve Phillips – CEO, Catalina Cernica – Director, Dave Birch – Director and Matt Eagle – Director.