A new Bergenbier campaign, signed by Leo Burnett

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Romanian advertising agency Leo Burnett & Target signed the new communication campaign, with the launch of the new Bergenbier PET packaging, that keeps the beer fresh longer.

Running between March 8 to April 30, “Friends need durable things” campaign adds a nuance in brand’s communication, that has a slogan – “Friends know why” – that entered in consumers’ normal language.

Aiming to promote the qualities of the new PET packaging, the campaign was a good occasion for the brand to talk again, in a relevant way, to its consumers. Bergenbier shapes up in masculinity territory a friendship area and gestures that only real friendship make possible.

The campaign includes a TV ad, classical materials at point of sales and an online app, developed by iLeo. The TV campaign started with a short execution, a teaser that only showed the 1st part of the story. The teaser generated expectations for the revealing, that unveils product’s surprise and the emotional friendship story between the protagonists.

Friendship exists for a long time in brand’s DNA and people associates Bergenbier with friendship and due to its slogan with an impressive notoriety. Friendship in the vast territory of masculinity only needed to be extracted carefully, shaped up and brought into a relevant light, both for the brand and for the people that got used with Bergenbier always telling them something they can find themselves in. The¬†occasion¬†to start such an initiative came along together with the new PET packaging, that inspired us to talk about things that last. Such as friendship is. This is how an emotional story got born, with an epic unveiling and the mission to talk to the people about important things related to friendship. A story that had numerous challenges when it comes of implementation and execution, but that reach to a happy end through the efforts of agency-client-production team, a friendship and support exercise itself

Irina Becher,

Copywriter Leo Burnett.

The teams contributing to the campaign were:

  • Leo Burnett&Target: Carmen Tiderle (Creative Director), Tudor Cuciuc (Creative Director), Irina Becher (Senior Copywriter,) Valentin Lica (Copywriter), Angela Teodorescu (Account Manager), Alexandra Cantor (Account Director) and Sorin Deleanu (AV Production Manager)
  • iLeo: Alexandra Trofin (Brand Comm Manager), Paul Cioc (Copywriter), Elena Ristariu (Art Director), Robert Diaconeasa (Flash Developer) and Tiberiu Trandaburu (PHP & Mysql Developer).
  • Bergenbier: Radu Dumitrescu (Senior Brand Manager) and Mihai Bonca (Marketing Director).