Gigi Becali and Andreea Marin return to first places among most publicized celebrities in Romanian print media


Stinging statements, gossips, relationships, divorces are only some of the most popular topics in the media, to have propelled their protagonists onto the first places in the top of the most publicized celebrities in the print media.

During the interval April 15 – May 14, 2013, Andreea Marin, Anamaria Prodan and Adriana Bahmuţeanu were the female celebrities most publicized in the print media, according to mediaTRUST. In the top of male celebrities, Gigi Becali returns to the first place, followed by Laurenţiu Reghecampf and George Copos.

Andreea Marin holds first place in the top of female celebrities most extensively present in the media (65 mentions in print). Her appearances at public events, the media’s special interest in her life after the divorce from Stefan Banica Jr. boosted her on the 1st position of the top. Second was Anamaria Prodan (61 appearances), mentioned mostly in relation with her manager activity, statements about her husband, Laurenţiu Reghecampf, as well as a consequence of the “conflict” with Gigi Becali.

Adriana Bahmuţeanu is down to the third place in top (55), with her fifth reconciliation with her husband Silviu Prigoana being the main topic journalists refer to in the articles mentioning herthe celebrity. Next in top is Loredana Groza (48 mentions), with articles covering mainly her professional activity.

The surprise of the female celebrities’ top for April 15 – May 14 is Andreea Mantea, present for the first time in this classification. She entered the top with 40 mentions, mostly referring to her tumultuous relationship with the winner of “The Voice of Romania” competition, Stefan Stan.

The top of male celebrities continues to be mainly dedicated to football, the first three places occupied by people who activate in this sector. Gigi Becali keeps the first place (345 mentions), followed by Laurentiu Reghecampf (311), and George Copos (116). Male celebrities top also includes Mitica Dragomir (100 mentions) and Mircea Sandu (94 mentions).

The report indicates that Radu Mazare, the Mayor of Constanta, ranked seventh, with 80 entries, after last month he had held the 10th place. His climb in the classification was mainly due to his appearances and involvement in projects aimed at promoting Mamaia resort.

Businessman Silviu Prigoană is the surprise of the top of cover appearances, ranking 3rd (16 mentions). The first two places are the same as the ones from the top of male celebrities, with Gigi Becali first (36 mentions) and Laurentiu Reghecampf second (30 mentions). 

mediaTRUST report analyzes the Romanian celebrities’ popularity level based on their media exposure. The research also provides data on the advertising value equivalent (one of the indicators reflecting the efficiency of analyzed information) of each celebrity in the media. The analysis covered printed publications to have appeared between April 15, 2013 and May 14, 2013, monitored by mediaTRUST.