Romanians rank 18th in Europe when it comes of common sense


A study made by Romanian processed meat brand Pate Bucegi (Scandia Food), Romanians consider that they have a moderated dose of common sense and place Romania on the 18th place among the 27 European countries from social, moral and spiritual education point of view.

Although common sense and hospitality were always considered an emblem for Romanians, along with the fact that anywhere you go in Romania you find people eager to accommodate and feed you, it seems Romanians don’t appreciate themselves too much.

Among the most important characteristics, Romanians consider themselves generous, with common sense, respectful and polite in general, but only 20% would say that about themselves. Responsibility and trust didn’t rank too well, with those qualities tailing on the last places and only 14% considering that they apply.

What does common sense mean for Romanians: using formulas like “thank you” and “please” for services offered by others, along with salutation formulas like “hello” or “sorry” – as a form to express regret.

96% consider that common sense comes from the family and parents are the ones that have to educate their kids in this direction. Teachers and school (66%) are also expected to continue the efforts to cultivate common sense among their students. Also, 19% say mass-media should help educating the population also.

When it comes of people Romanians respect the most, the first places are occupied by parents, grandparents and the life partner.

The categories of people the least respected by Romanians are drivers, people using common transportation, neighbors and coworkers.

Respect and common sense are mainly present in the family, according to the study, with over 50% Romanians considering that if you act with common sens, you will receive respect and consideration; still, 31% Romanians think that, in nowadays society, one has nothing to win if he has common sense.

The study on common sense among Romanians was made at Pate Bucegi’s initiative, in the same time with the launch of a communication campaign that runs from May to July and that focuses on common sense. The brand aims to bring in consumers’ attention the values that are really important for Romanians. The study was made by Exact CC on a sample including 400 people aged 18-59 y.o, living in urban areas and with medium or high education.