ICEEfest combines business and networking with fun, with a strong entertainment component

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ICEEfest is the event that offers Romanian public the opportunity to find out new things about spectacular world of tech, as it has as guests internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Skype, Microsoft, PayPal, digital creative agencies and video games producers.

jeff leach iceefest

Besides the knowledge sharing and business part, ICEEfest will also be a good opportunity for fun, and Romanian celebrities like  Horia Brenciu or Marius Moga will share their experience on how internet changed the relation they have with their fans.

The British stand-up comedian Jeff Leach will be the master of ceremony during the event, will have a stand-up show on the 2nd day of the event and will be the DJ at the event’s private party.

Creative people and local comedians will gather together at “Viral Movie Night”, 90 minutes of projections with the most amusing or stupid videos that had huge traffic on YouTube. The videos will be commented by Romanian comediaans and known Romanian creatives such as  Bogdan Naumovici or Dragos Musat, along wih  Mikey H., aka Mihai Holos, from “Doza de Has”.