Most popular Romanian names, stars in “Share a Coca-Cola” campaign

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For the 1st time in brand’s history, Coca-Cola offers its logo to its consumers and tells them to surprise the loved ones offering them a Coca-Cola bottle with their own name on it. Andrei, Ana or Maria have now their own Coca-Cola bottles, part of the new campaign “Share a Coca-Cola”, that sees the most popular 150 Romanian names replacing the known brand logo and that will last until mid-July.

Also, Coca-Cola lets its consumers sharing with friends also, with “Share a Coca-Cola with a gamer”, if you have friends fans of video games, or “Share a Coca-Cola with a biker”, if you have someone close passioned by bikes.

The cans and bottles of Coca-Cola also include a series of other words used to define someone like “lover”, “your half”, “the sexy girl”, “VIP”, “Diva”, ‘Star” and so on. The selection of the most popular Romanian names used in the campaign running in Romania was made with help from Internal Affairs Ministry and its specialized directions and data bases, and took in consideration the most used names at national level, both for women and men, between 1982 – 2000.

 We started from the pleasant moments when we share a Coca-Cola together with friends or family. We wanted to offer consumers the opportunity to surprise the dear ones or even to make them tie new friendships with help from their favorite drink. Anyone can now enjoy a Coca-Cola with Andrei, Ioana or the group of colleagues or friends, in the most innovative Coca-Cola campaign. We’re waiting with a lot of enthusiasm Coca-Cola fans impressions and we are convinced that the way they will accept our challenge to share a Coca-Cola will be a creative one

Nicoleta Eftimiu

Sparkling Soft Drinks Senior Activation Marketing Manager – Coca-Cola România & Moldova.

“Share a Coca-Cola” campaign is supported by integrated marketing and promotion activities, and the communication channels are used in an innovative way, with all generated content being aggregated and integrated in campaign’s websie,, and posted on Coca-Cola’s social media channels.

The campaign includes TV ads, cinema promotion, outdoor, on-buses posters in Bucharest and Constanta.

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