Feedbackr – an app for creative directors, designers and photographers

Creativity, Digital & Media, Mobile

Feedbackr is an app designed to facilitate the workflow for creative directors, designers and photographers when working on the go and was developed by creative professionals as tool to help make their job easier.

The app, focused on voice messaging, allows creative directors, designers and photographers to give fast feedback when being mobile, out of office or on the go, as they receive work that needs immediate revision and they have no time to sit down and open the computer or to talk on the phone.

Feedbackr was the solution for the need of fast feedback from no matter where and was Jason Schragger‘s idea. As the most natural way to give feedback is voice, the main feature of feedbackr is tagging a PDF with voice messages; other ways are scribbling and adding images.

The app is easy and intuitive: one can open a PDF and use one of the four icons in the  footer bar (a microphone, a pen, a camera and a send icon). A short tap on any of the three annotation icons will activate it, a long tap lets appear a wastepaper icon; a short tap anywhere on the page allows choosing annotation mode, with any annotation having the option to be dragged around and placed wherever is needed. When Send function is used, feedbackr opens a new e-mail with the subject matter already filled in, so only the recipient’s email is needed. feedbackr features focus on getting the job done, there are no fancy, time-consuming extras.

I spend a lot of my time outside the office and I have never been satisfied with the way I could get my feedback to my colleagues. When in a hurry it is no good to try and write and when talking on the phone a lot of the information gets lost. In those moments I really wished I could dictate to someone and that’s how we invented feedbackr. You tag a voice memo to the text. The benefit for the person on the other end is obvious: the message can be listened and re-listened. There are other apps around but feedbackr is stripped to the essentials and straightforward to use. For me it is the most natural way to give feedback wherever you are.

Jason Schragger

Executive Creative Director Create Lab at TBWA\ Berlin.

feedbackr, available for free on Apple App Store, is free of language and uses icons only.