Romanian agencies going to Cannes in 2013 and their entries

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The Romanian agencies that will attempt to get the coveted Lions this year are AMPRO Design Consultants, BV McCann Erickson Romania, Euromedia, GMP Advertising, GolinHarris International, Graffiti BBDO, iLeo, Leo Burnett & Target, MEC Romania, MindShare, Next Advertising, Ogilvy&Mather Romania, Propaganda Creative Services, Publicis Romania, Saatchi&Saatchi Romania, Grey Romania, The Secret Service, Three Bucharest and Webstyler.

Romanian agencies cannes 2013


2 Romanian entries cannes


  • Who is competing and what with?

Ampro Design is competing in Design Lions competition, with Undercover Wine, a self promo campaign, while Euromedia competes in Media with “Cancelled” and GolinHarris entered PR Lions with “The Smart Girls Circle” for Nuvaring.

At its turn, Next Advertising decided to go to Cannes this year in the Film competition, with The Dogs for Romanian Traffic Police.

Saatchi & Saatchi Romania has 18 entries at Cannes Lions 2013, with the following campaigns: „8847” for AACAR Horia Motoi Autism Charity (2 in Cyber, 1 in Innovation, 2 in Media, 3 in PR and 2 in Promo & Activation), „Dark Online Story” for Saint Dimitrie Foundation (2 in Cyber, 1 in design, 2 in Media) and 3 executions for Toyota Romania in Radio Lions.


Dark Online Story

McCann Erickson Romania, an agency with nice performances at Cannes during the last two years, has  17 entries at this year’s competition. The entered works are „Don Cafe Live Radio Vending Machine” for Strauss Romania (2 in Direct, 2 in Media, 2 in Promo & Activation and 2 in Radio competitions ), „Vodafone Digital Public Library” for Vodafone Romania (1 in Direct, 1 in Media, 1 in PR and 1 in Promo & Activation) and „The MiniParade” for Speed RC (1 in direct, 2 in Media, 1 in PR and 1 in Promo&Activation).

Don Cafe Live Radio

GMP Advertising and its „Why don’t you come over?” campaign for brand (Mediafax Group) is also present at Cannes this year. The campaign has 2 entries in Direct, 3 in PR and 1 in Titan & Integrated competitions. On the other hand, Webstyler entered for this year’s Lions competition „See beyond limits” campaign for Romtelecom’s brand DolceSport TV; the campaign has 1 entry in Direct, 2 in PR Lions and 1 in Promo&Activation.

Why don’t you come over?

See beyond the limits

Graffiti BBDO is also present at Cannes, with 6 entries and 2 campaigns: Henvertising for Domestic movie, client 4 Proof Film (2 entries in Media Lions) , and Business Woman and Business Man for Capital (2 in Press and 2 in Outdoor ).

Business Man / Business Woman

iLeo goes to Cannes with „The Folkloric Converter” for Orasul meu (1 entry in Cyber, 2 in Promo & Activation), while Leo Burnett & Target bets on „Second Life” campaign for Gazeta Sporturilor (3 in Media Lions, 3 in Promo & Activation and 1 in Titanium & Integrated), on „Human Shelter” for SamuSocial Romania (1 in Media and 1 in Promo & Activation) and on „The Antipa Museum opens for the first time. Again”  (1 in PR).

Second Life

Folkloric Converter

When it comes of Publicis Romania, they decided to try their chances at Cannes this year with „Saddam” (2 in Press), „Hitler” (2 in Press) and „Stalin” (2 in Press), part of a campaign for The Center of Consultancy for The Road Victims (CCVR), and „Broccoli” for Carefour (2 in Radio) .



Romanian Propaganda Creative Services has 2 entries and aims for Direct Lions and Promo & Activation Lions, with „The Relief” and „The Leaves” for HBO Romania.

MEC Romania has 3 entries in Media Lions – Real-Life Trailer for „On Snails and Men” movie by Transilvania Film (2 media) and „Snail Quest” (1 media)- while Mindshare competes in Media with „Dero Disruption Campaign (1) for Unilever.

Ogilvy & Mather Romania goes to Cannes with Cosmote and „Play&Lose” (1 in Direct and 2 in Media), Anim’est and „Two Sheperds” (2 in Film Craft and 1 in Film Lions).

At its turn, Grey Romania goes to Cannes with „8th of March. Today you won’t be abused” for Sensiblu Foundation, a campaign with 3 entries: 2 in Direct and 1 in Media.

The Secret Service is also present on the Romanian line-up for Cannes, with „Origami Space Ship” for Ferrero Romania (1 in Design, 1 in Direct), „The Chocolate Purse” for Kinder Bueno / Ferrero Romania (1 in Design), „Hello Kids Phone Line”  for Kinder Surprise/ Ferrero Romania (1 in Direct, 1 in Promo & Activation), „Planes” for Nescafe Alegria / Nestle Professional ( 2 in Promo & Activation), „Handbag Magazine” for Kinder Bueno (1 in Media), „100 purses” for Kinder Bueno (2 in Promo & Activation), „Inside out T-shirt” for Watt Unit (1 in Media)) and „The cable Car of Temptation” for Kinder Bueno (1 in Promo & Activation.

Three Bucharest has 2 entries in Media Lions, „Rip a Ripper” for Mandagora Film Distribution.