Gemius AdMonitor: Poles and Ukrainians – CEE people most likely to click on ads

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Gemius released Gemius AdMonitor report, that gives info on advertising activities and analyzed online advertising campaign monitored by the company in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary, mainly in the second half of 2012.

Telecom, finance and trade are the sectors with largest share of online ads during the analyzed period. In 11 out of 12 countries where the monitoring was made, companies that operated in the mentioned sectors advertised most intensively

Ads for telecom services represented  the largest percentage share of campaigns running in Slovakia and Hungary (28% in each country) and Poland (25%). Second, financial, insurance and brokerage ads were dominant in Slovenia (35%), Czech Republic (36%) and Croatia (24%).

In Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia, however, the largest share of online display ads came from trade category: 19% on Lithuanian and Romanian markets and 17% on Latvian market. Also, an important share (19%) from online ads in Lithuania came from “leisure” services category, while, in Bulgaria, 14% of online ads came from companies selling household goods, furniture and decorative products.

According to the report, a large number of displays does not always translate into a high click rate for an ad. Hungarians, Poles and Serbs clicked the most often on ads from “leisure” category, Latvians and Slovaks – on telecom ads, whereas Croatians, Czechs and Bulgarians click ads for clothes and accessories. Lithuanians are interested in  travel, tourism, hotels and restaurants ads, Romanians click and check retail offers ads, while Slovenians are interested in household goods.

The study also allows to conclude that the highest average CTR was registered in Ukraine: the average clickability indicator in the second half of the year 2012 reached the value of 1.15%, which means that one thousand displays for an ad led to 11.5 clicks on average.

High average CTR results were also noted in Poland (0.62 per cent) and Slovakia (0.58 per cent). Further down the list came Croatia (0.45 per cent), Bulgaria (0.39 per cent), Czech Republic (0.38 per cent), Latvia (0.35 per cent), Lithuania and Slovenia (0.30 per cent each), Romania (0.29 per cent) and Hungary (0.28 per cent).

Tamas Acs, Gemius expert in digital advertising, emphasizes that one of the most interesting conclusions from the data is the difference that may be observed between the average CTR recorded in Ukraine and in the rest of the markets.

Acs_Tamas (3)

According to our measurement, this is mainly because of the extremely big interest in rich media advertisements among Ukrainians. This proves that advanced rich media capabilities provided by Gemius helps our clients in improving their effectiveness

Tamas Acs.

The data on most clicked ads in CEE countries are part of gemiusAdMonitor, comprehensive report on the most popular advertising formats, most frequently advertised industries and trends in mobile advertising, covering 12 countries of Central and East Europe. It is based on gemiusDirectEffect, Gemius online advertising campaigns effectiveness measurement and AdOcean, Gemius ad serving tool to manage the advertising space. The report is released twice a year and is available for download on

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