Brandtailors makes a communication campaign for Igienol, to consolidate the brand

Branding, Creativity

Brandtailors continues its collaboration with Interstar Chim’s brand Igienol and gets involved in its development with a TV communication campaign that presents to the consumers Igienol’s values, philosophy and personality, aiming in the same time to generate notoriety, communicating product’s attributes and benefits and increasing sales.

Following the 2011 rebranding of Igienol products, Interstar Chim marketing team launched a brand extension in anti-bacterial products aimed for skin care.

The new communication campaign for Igienol is an important step in fulfilling our objective in creating and dominating a new market in Romania: the market of disinfectant products without clor. We are convinced we will succeed, as Igienol Dezinfectant answers to a relevant need for the target public (…) Moreover, Igienol is a beautiful brand, that talks to its users in a warm and optimist manner and encourages mothers to forget about bacteria and relive childhood together with their kids (…)

Daniela Placintaru,

Strategic Marketing Manager Interstar Chim

The insight this campaign is based on is that a smiling and no-worries mum can transform into an excellent play partner for her kid, returning this way to her own childhood. We are trusting the validity of this idea, that’s supported in execution by a story centered around a surprising metaphor and a charming character selection

Andreea Florea,

Client Service Partner Brandtailors

The campaign includes 2 TV ads that present the 2 categories in which Igienol is present with products, doubled by an online campaign focused on mothers.