Women from Paparazzi Generation, a new HumanGraphExperience


HumanGraphExperience continues with “Women from Paparazzi Generation”, which analyzes the importance of the image for young women aged 14-24 y.o. Once with tech development (mobiles with performant cameras, photo cameras etc) and of the social networks, young people get to be permanently in the spotlight

Young women aged 14-18 y.o. don’t have their preferences on personal care brands set in stone yet, 43% sharing the buying decision for those hygiene products with someone else, focusing on the categories with products with social impact. Young women aged 19-24 y.o. start to decide alone on the products they use and give the same attention both to general use products and the ones with social impact.

Personal care is an important chapter for spending for all women aged 14-24 y.o., with 50% buying expensive personal care products, 40% consider they give a lot of money on cosmetics, although many of them don’t have any income.

The main evaluator of young women image is their friends’ group, online networking being a normal activity (68% have an account on Facebook and 64% use it on weekly basis to communicate with their friends).