Lowe&Partners attracted 4 new creatives in its team and appointed Manuela Gogu as head as Creative Departament

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Maria Nagy and Andrei Munteanu are the 2 new copywriters that joined Lowe&Partners team this year, along with Victor Oprisan – Art Director and Manuela Gogu, that joined the team as Creative Director.

Including 12 people, the new creative formula implemented within Lowe & Partners bets on inter-disciplinary approach and creative integration of “colorful” minds that complete each other harmoniously.

Manuela Gogu

Self-limitation is the most dangerous creative vice. I don’t believe in absolutist patterns: people responsible with ideas, people in charge of BTL or someone in charge with online. I believe in curious people that learn from each other and, step by step, learn a bit from each of their colleagues’ jobs. You cannot think digital creation if you aren’t interested on how an app work just because it’s digital guy’s job; same as you can’t make an event concept if you don’t go have a look when circus is in town. Each member of the creative team has or heads towards an area of creative excellence, from PR and creative media to online and mobile and, of course, engagement and experience. We are trying some type of creative diversification so that each of us can see the potential of the concept from another angle, beyond ideas, when we are gathering around a brief

Manuela Gogu.

Manuela Gogu started her career within Lowe Group 7 years ago, as part of PR team from GolinHarris and, in 2012, she had an unique position on Romanian comm market, namely Creative Director of a PR agency. Manuela handled many corporate and brand comm projects, evolving afterwards to strategy and creation for integrated comm platforms. When she moved to Lowe&Partners, Manuela brought into the agency an unique multi-disciplinary background.

 Manuela was the first choice when Lowe started looking for a Creative Director. She was recommended by the impressive portfolio of successfully managed creative projects, that received recognition and prizes at local and international communication festivals. She is a combination of creative with strategic vision, a mix at the border of more specialization that’s always looking for stories. Moreover, recognizing and promoting talents from inside our group is a priority. Her move to Lowe brought a different and full of vibrant energy spirit, that instantaneously materialized both in the signature of creative concepts for important campaigns and in team’s vibe

Aura Toma,

Managing Director Lowe&Partners