Dorna joins Save The Children’s efforts to support premature birth


Romanian brand Dorna joins Save The Children to support the babies born before term; this partnership is the first step Dorna takes together with Save The Children in order to support programs aimed to prevent the causes for premature birth and to give proper care to babies born like that.

In Romania, according to Health Ministry’s statistics, one of 10 babies is born before term and needs special care from his first hour of life. Babies that get born before the 37th week of pregnancy are premature; because they are born before term, babies have less time to develop in utero and often their wight at birth is lower and they risk develop complications at respiratory, digestive or ophthalmologic level

With the programs developed on its Dorna Baby communication platform, Dorna always supported mothers and their babies and, by signing the new partnership, the company joins the cause supported by Save The Children.