Romanian agencies Zitec Com, StrategAd and Voxline Communication, awarded trips to Android Lab California, during Start Mobile Gala

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Zitec Com, StrategAd and Voxline Communication are the 3 Romanian digital agencies that won Start Mobile 2013 competition and that will visit Android Lab, Android’s headquarters in California. The competition was organized by Google Romania, in partnership with IAB Romania, and the agencies were awarded during a Gala that took place on Monday and offered prizes for the best mobi-sites.

During Start Mobile 2013 gala, other agencies that were awarded were Kinecto International and Kolectiv Studio (they received Android tablets as prizes). Also, IAB Romania’s board members gave a special prize for the best mobi-site in competition, that went to Zitec Com for Paravion’s mobi-site.

Google Romania launched  Start Mobile in October 2012, together with IAB Romania. On project’s website, companies can use StartMoMetru tool to see how their own websites look on mobile devices and can get customized recommendations for developing more friendly and efficient experiences for their users.

We trust that Start Mobile will expand and grow significantly in the following years. More and more Romanians are navigating online from their mobile devices and the companies must adapt to this trend. Our initiative supports companies that decided to start today to invest in creating a positive experience of communication and interaction with their clients, no matter what gadgets they use to navigate online

Doina Costache,

Head of Multiple Industries, Google Romania.

Start Mobile targets Romanian digital agencies and encourages mobi-sites development. This year’s contest took place from January 1st to June 30th and consisted in awarding the agencies that developed at least 6 mobi-sites during the competition and offered at least one satisfaction testimonial from the clients they did that for.

Considering the most recent studies show that 23% Romanian internet users access websites from their mobile on the daily basis, we think a competition such as Start Mobile was needed in Romania. We were happy about the receptivity the participant agencies at this year’s contest showed. The quality and efficiency of the developed mobi-sites are a new step forward for our entire online industry

Ioana Anescu,

Managing Director IAB Romania.