Changes and consolidation in Leo Burnett Romania’s creative department

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Leo Burnett Romania announced the consolidation of its creative team and the appointment of a new Creative Director, Irina Becher. She takes over the position that remained unfilled after Carmen Tiderle and Tudor Cuciuc left the agency, as detailed here.

Becher took over the creative director helm in June.

The creative department of Leo Burnett Romania consolidated by adding 4 new members to the team: Radu Olteanu and Adina Basag Teodorescu (Senior Copywriters), Cosmin Ezaru (Head of Art Directors) and Dinu Gojan (Senior Art Director).

Becher works in advertising for over 10 years and, during her career, worked for Friday Advertising and Publicis before joining Leo Burnett as a copywriter in 2005. She won prizes at Ad’Or, Effie or Portoroz and worked for brands such as Bergenbier, P&G (Ariel, Bonux, Tide, Lenor, Always, Wella, Pantene), 24 Fun, Altex, Prigat, Petrom, Antipa, Doncafe, Cristim, Domo, Volkswagen, Skoda, Sensiblu, Garnier or OMV.

Over the years, she developed together with Leo Burnett team campaigns that were nominated and awarded at national and international festivals, among which “Men’s Day” for Bergenbier, the one campaign that Becher considers the biggest fulfillment.

Irina Becher considers herself an “100% Leo product”:

I lived with Leo Burnett’s quotes in my mind, I got inspiration from them, I wanted to get in Leo because I loved them and I carried in my handbag, for over a year, a little book that I received from Bogdan Naumovici and that contains 100 quotes of Leo

 Irina Becher

Thinking of what I want to achieve or to pass forward to the creation people from the new position, my eyes felt on the roll-box next to my desk. And I realized than that I had to choose, as everyone of my colleagues, a message to customize it and it wasn’t a coincidence that I’ve chosen this one: Promises must be kept, commitments honored  […] because we become what we do and character is simply the sum of our performances. I believe in the simple and exceptional truth behind these words. Same as I believe in the promise to make things as Leo imagined them from the beginning – “best in the world bar none” – must be passed forward. I also believe that what speaks for us  – individuals taken one by one or as a team – is the things that we manage to do for our clients and for people we are communicating them to, what we manage to create and be memorable and what we build together. This is what always meant Leo Burnett and that’s what we aim to continue do in the future. We have a team that added new members and with the will to do. (…)

Irina Becher.

Lorand Balint

I know Irina very well, I know we think the same when it comes of marketing and of the agency and I have a lot of trust in her. Irina grew in Leo Burnett and in its spirit and made here very beautiful things, together with the team and for agency’s clients. She has the necessary vision, desire and passion to bring forward Leo’s values and I strongly believe that we will also make, from now on, very good things together, that we can be proud of

Lorand Balint,

Managing Director Leo Burnett & Target.

Creative department’s new members:

Radu Olteanu started working in advertising in 2001, at D’arcy Romania. Afterwards, he worked for TBWA, BBDO Moscow and Next Advertising. During over 10 years, he worked for clients such as Banca Transilvania, Beeline, Petrom, Rompetrol, Romtelecom, Murfatlar, ING, P&G and Albalact. He was involved in campaigns that receive recognition and awards at Epica, Golden Drum, New York Festivals, AdPrint, Ad’Or, Effie, ADC*RO Awards and that were published in Luerzer’s Archive.

Why Leo?  Because the moments when it seems an agency is the place to be are rare and shouldn’t be missed. And, after two weeks, all the good things I’ve heard about Leo were confirmed to me. The coffee on the ground floor, for example, is excellent


 Adina Basag Teodorescu started her advertising adventure in 2002. She worked, over the time, for Ogilvy and Scala JWT and was Group Creative Director at Graffiti BBDO. She has in portfolio campaigns for clients such as Nestle, Unilever, Tuborg, Dacia, Romtelecom, Pepsi, Banca Romaneasca and was nominated or awarded at Effie, Portoroz or Ad’Or.

Cosmin Ezaru joined Leo Burnett as Head of Art Directors. Ezaru works in advertising since 1998 and, over the time, worked for agencies such as GMP, Tempo Advertising and Graffiti BBDO and worked on important accounts, like Dacia, Pepsi, Timisoreana, Tuborg, Skol, Romtelecom, BCR,  Banca Romaneasca, Millenium Bank and Orange. He was recognized and awarded nationally and internationally at Ad’Or, Golden Drum, New York Festivals and Epica, but also Effie.

Dinu Gojan returns in Leo Burnett’s team as Senior Art Director. With 15 years of experience in advertising,  he worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnett and for clients such as Kraft, Friesland, Orange, BRD Societe Generale, P&G (Head & Shoulders, Tide, Bonux, Always), Petrom, Bergenbier. „