Gemius study: Chrome – most successful browser in CEE last year

Digital & Media

In 2012, Chrome was the most popular browser in CEE, while Firefox continue to lose users, according to a Gemius report that ranks internet browsers in Central and East Europe.

Chrome is leader in most CEE countries, while Firefox registered a steep decline in number of users but is still most used in Hungary, Slovenia and Poland.


After Firefox and Chrome, next in line are Opera (very important player in Ukraine and Belarus and used a lot also in Republic of Moldavia) and Internet Explorer – mostly used by Croatians and Czechs, but also popular in Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Serbia.

Competition between browsers gives users a richer choice and experience on the net. It is important for the digital businesses to understand users’ preferences and traffic to match user demands. The Gemius report on those selected CEE markets is an important indication of the dynamic momentum they developed

Kimon Zorbas,

CEO IAB Europe

The report was made with data from, a website basing on Gemius internet sites traffic measurement results (gemiusTraffic).