Sensorial tunnels at Romanian Black Sea, for Beck’s


A tunnel consisting of 4 Beck’s Green Lemon huge 4-meters tall bottles linked between them and different experiences targeting the 4 senses were brought together in Beck’s Green Lemon Sensations. The engagement activation was developed by Lowe&Partners Bucharest for Beck’s Green Lemon and took place at Romanian seaside between July 20th- August 17th.

The experience was completed by a team of bikers accompanied by hostesses that offered cold beer to people that were sun tanning on the beach.

Beck’s Green Lemon Sensations was more than an activation, it was engagement and another way to address the brand to the consumer, not with words, but with lived experiences (…)

Corina Angearu,

Account Manager Lowe&Partners.

For a beer brand, mid-summer is the best moment to address the consumers. The seaside is the perfect location to relay the message. The creative team from Lowe&Partners found an original concept, that turned what could have been a seasonal activation into a real engagement between the consumer and the brand

Ecaterina Bordei,

Brand Manager Premium Brands.

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