Helping the world, one video game at a time. A gamer raised $6.5M for Save the Children


Video-gamer Athene raised USD 2M in 24 hours and raised in total USD 6.5M through Gaming for Good crowd-funding initiative, woth all the money to go to Save the Children foundation.

Athene began using his celebrity last year to raise funds used to feed children in Africa, documenting his visit to Mali with Save the Children.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect my fans and the gaming community to contribute like they have (…) This shatters the stereotype of the kid gaming in a dark basement, showing instead the incredible global community that gamers exist in. This proves that the individual contributions of many can change the world, no matter their background or location.


According to Reuters, the video game industry is the most lucrative segment of the entertainment sector, surpassing both the motion picture and music industry. The number one YouTube channel is PewDiePie (13M subscribers), followed by Smosh (12M subscribers). By comparison, the top musician on YouTube is Rihanna (9M).