Why one shouldn’t ignore Mobile search?

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Ghergich&CO, a company founded by A.J. Ghergich (SEO professional active in the industry since 2004), made an infographic on mobile searches and their importance.

The infographic provides some insight on mobile search trends, a topic of interest no only for marketers and communicators.

According to combined data used within the infographic, 92% of smartphone users are accessing internet from their mobile device on a daily basis, 68% used a search engine to search a product on their phone and 42% bought a product or service or product using the phone, with 40% using online and mobile coupons for mobile shopping.

Globally, information from different sources also shows that the number of tablets and smartphones nearly doubled from 2012 to 2013 and the number of smartphone used by consumer is to reach 2BN by 2015.

When it comes of mobile searches, 45% have a purpose and are made to help decision making process, with 77% taking place at home or at work and  17% – on the go.

After introducing the terms on the mobile, 3 out of 4 searches triger: continued resesarch (36%), visits on retailer’s websites (25%), share of information (18%), visit in a store (17%), a puchase (17%) and business calls (7%).

When using mobile searches, 97% consumers search for local businesses online, with 67% searches affected by geolocation or specified location.

When it comes of mobile searches, 40% users click on another mobile result if a website isn’t mobile friendly, 46% are unlikely to return on a website they have trouble accessing from the phone and 34% will chose a rival website instead; 60% expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds.

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