Coca Cola shared the logo with its consumers during the summer


Coca Cola shared the logo with its consumers, including in Romania, in “Share a Coca-Cola” campaign.

Dani Otil si Mihaela Padure

For the first time in brand’s history, Coca-Cola offered its consumers the logo, challenging them to surprise the dear ones with a bottle customized with their name, in a campaign where the most popular names, including 150 Romanian ones, replaced brand’s emblematic logo.

Afis_Imparte o Coca-Cola


In Romania, online and offline, young people shared Coca-Cola. Only on Facebook, they sent friends over 480,000 virtual cans, via Also, Coca-Cola inspired consumers to offer a joy reason to the loved ones, with 8,500 Romanians having the surprise to see their names projected on the huge screen placed on Cocor store in Bucharest.