Vodafone launched a new brand campaign

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Vodafone Romania has recently launched a new brand campaign to let people know about daring Romanians that, with the help of technology, succeeded in generating innovation, achieving progress and overcoming their boundaries.

The campaign is built around a real person, Ghita Danuletiu, shepard from Jina (Sibiu County); he uses a smartphone and mobile internet to keep in touch with his loved one and keep track of the social networks he uses. Ghita, aged 28, has 14 years experience as a shepherd, and through work and perseverance managed to grow his family business.

When we made this campaign we wanted to show people true stories about brave Romanians, willing to learn and keep up with modern times. We daily see thousands of  Romanians like our character, that try new things and keep on learning things. Mobile communications are a true catalyst that can help us evolve as individuals and as a community.

Laura Barbu, Director Brand and Marketing Communications, Vodafone Romania.

Anyone can be friends with Ghita and find out more info about his day to day life, on his Facebook page.

Besides being friends with Ghita, Vodafone invites mobile phone users, no matter the carrier, to join an online platform – www.romaniiauinitiativa.ro -and to share their stories, no matter it is a personal accomplishment that made them proud or a successful business they’ve managed to build over time using also mobile communication services.

The most appreciated stories will be given weekly prizes, consisting of a Vodafone Smart 10 subscription for one year and a Vodafone Smart Mini smartphone while the lucky winner of the Grand Prize will get the possibility to be the next star of a Vodafone campaign. The competition will be held over a period of eight weeks.