Lowe Romania turned 20

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Lowe Romania, one of the first ad agencies founded in Romania, celebrates 20 years on the local advertising market and, 2 decades after launch, transformed into one of the biggest Romanian communication groups.

Lowe Romania celebrates 2 decades of advertising and innovation, memorable campaigns, market firsts that transformed into real trends. Twenty years of advertising also mean hundreds of campaigns and TV ads, thousands of hours of filming, tens of prizes at local and international festivals and hundreds of employees and clients.

Lowe 20

Lowe Romania started its journey in advertising world in 1993 as Plus Advertising and under the management of Veronica Savanciuc and Paul Radu. In 1995, the agency affiliated to the international network Lintas, member of Interpublic, one of the biggest international communication holdings. Today, Lowe is part of one of the most creative and valuable global networks, Lowe&Partners Worldwide.

Veronica Savanciuc - President & CEO Lowe Group

It is a moment of great emotion and joy for us, as we remember, especially now, how everything started: in a cold February day in 1993, with 7 people and 2 Apple Macintosh computers. But with strong belief in a dream, that if we are a real team, if we have passion, talent and dedication, we can write history. Over 500 beautiful, creative and so different people were part of Lowe Romania’s story over the time. Here we are, 20 years later: we are 7 companies, each recognized and awarded in its field

Veronica Savanciuc,

President & CEO Lowe Romania. 

Lowe signed the communication strategies for the launch on Romanian market for new brands that are, today, recognized names: Raiffeisen Bank, Unilever, Nestea, Tuborg, Gothaer, Staropramen. It also managed successful rebrandings for Dero, Rexona, Adesgo, Kinder Surprise and created historical campaign for Amigo, Tuborg, Timisoreana, Romanian Culture Ministry and others.

Pioneer of the Romanian advertising and one of the companies that contributed to shaping the industry, Lowe is founding member in all relevant professional associations: IAA, RAC, RAA, UAPR, BRAT or ARMA. Moreover, Veronica Savanciuc is in present member in the Senate of International Advertising Association (IAA), was president IAA Romania for 3 terms and was designated Female Personality of the Decade of Romanian Advertising in 2003.

Lowe Group Romania includes 7 companies and is recognized on the market for its long term partnerships with its clients: Unilever is client of the agency since day one, Lowe and Initiative work with Johnson&Johnson for 18 years, Electrolux is GolinHarris’ client for over 11 years and Orange Romania works with the group for 9 years.

Over 200 people work in present for Lowe Group’s agencies, which are Lowe & Partners, Initiative, Medic One, BPN, GolinHarris, SeniorHyper and Mobile Works 

Today, we are 7 creative companies harmonized through convictions, spectacular in synchronization and part of prestigious global networks. Lowe became, over the years, a powerful, integrated group, a complementary business with strong companies in all sectors of communication: creation, media, PR, digital, mobile  and healthcare communication. We always innovated and came up with new business models. We are prepared and anxious to do this every day also in the future

Veronica Savanciuc