Romanian call center Blue Point to offer satisfaction studies to clients via Client Metrics

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 Blue Point, one of the important players on the Romanian call-center services market, launched an integrated service to measure and evaluate clients’ satisfaction, Client Metrics.

Client Metrics is a continuous monitoring instrument for existent clients that targets both B2B and B2C companies with large database of clients and that need a very attentive loyalization for those. The info offered by Client Metrics significantly help in post-sales stage.

Client Metrics can meaure the opportunity of clients niches, clients’ reactions to change, the conditions to reactivate clients, evaluates satisfaction, loyalization, retention and the degree of involvement from clients towards a certain brand. Also, it offers support in segmenting clients, with a high degree of accuracy, which helps creating customized offers.

Creating Client Metrics came as an answer to Blue Point clients’ demand of integrated services to measure clients satisfaction. It was create by joining Blue Point’s performant technology and the know-how in marketing research from Trendelligent.

 Violeta Rosu_Blue_Point

Client Metrics’ novelty is that it represents an independent and integrated service, resulted from joining together the forces of a call center that owns advanced technology with the know how of a marketing research company. Until now, call center services were accessed only to fill in phone polls, with no interpretation or data analysis. Our clients demanded us a ready to use service and, this way, with Blue Point and Trendelligent force, we created Client Metrics

Violeta Rosu,

Managing Partner Blue Point.

In this moment, Client Metrics is supported by its founding companies but, in 2 years since launch, it will become an indepenent company. Until it emerges as an independent company, Blue Point and Trendelligent will start more actions aiming to educate the market related to the benefits of using this type of service.


The resource that guarantees the existence and continuity of a company on the market are the clients. The costs to attract new clients and even to maintain the existing ones are growing. That is why, most of the times, we see the fight for the lowest cost but the cost isn’t always the only or the most important criteria. This is the purpose for which Client Metrics was made, to find out directly from the clients the answers about his perceptions and experiences in relation with a certain service or product. Based on those answers, there can be made viable marketing strategies and efficient loyalization politics. Client Metrics eliminates any subjective factor, with the client being more open to offer feedback via an impartial third party

Mariana Cosenco,

General Manager Trendelligent.

Client Metrics targets companies that do business with high volumes of clients, that have a similar offer of products and services and the differentiation factor consists mainly in customer care.

At the end of the 1st year after launch, as it is an instrument that aims to educate the market, Trendelligent and Blue Point estimate Euro 200,000 resulted from Client Metrics projects.

Blue Point started its activity on Romanian market in 2006, with a team of specialists in telecom; its mission was to inure its clients experienced personnel and performant and customizable CRM solutions to add value to their businesses. Blue Point has now 100 employees and its turnover in the end of 2012 was of around Euro 1M.

Trendelligent is specialize in audit and marketing studies, satisfaction studies targeting clients and employees, testing for new products and concepts, resegmentation and repositioning studies and price studies for B2B companies.


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