Romanian Youth Focus to present young people the way they are, on October 21-22

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Smark KnowHow organizes, on October 21-22, the second edition of the conference Romanian Youth Focus, the only event in Romania that aims to help understand new generation’s profile. Generation Y is still a mystery at global level for many marketers and advertiser, and the local market isn’t an exception. The relationship of the young people with the brands is different from the one their parents or grandparents had.

Most of the time branded as “hipsters”,  “irresponsible” or “without culture’, Romanian young people from generation Y are feeling a lot stronger the gap between generation also due to the tech jump that brought the internet around. The event aims to leave aside all discriminatory labels and to understand in depth how Romanian young people are nowadays

Romanian young people will be the focus of the debates, that will try to make both a psycho-sociological profiling and analyses on them as shoppers or powerful influencer when it comes of buying decision.


Among the speakers:

  • Mircea Kivu (sociologist) will profile the young people in University’s Square to answer the question “Is this generation a generation of protests?, while Gabriel Jderu will present the results of a study that will unveil the motivations of the young people in practicing high risk sports
  • Ionela Sufaru (Senior Researcher, Novel Research) and Gina Apolzan (specialist in young people and adolescents development with UNICEF) will present the report “The situation of adolescents in Romania”.
  • Andreea Coca (GfK Romania) will make known the results of the most recent report “The coming of age of digital natives”, based on qualitative research of online communities
  • Brindusa Gurarosie and Veronica Ionita (Starcom MediaVest) present studies on the way young people express themselves, by generating online video content and how they are the main influencers of other young people when it comes of buying decision
  • The content dedicated to young people will make the subject of a debate between Ioana Moldoveanu (editor in chief Vice Romania), Costin Serban (founder and editor in chief gen90), Monica Vrabie and Camelia Sas (MediaPro).
  • Matei Psatta (Social Media Manager, GMP PR) comes to the event with a “dictionary” explaining the way people talk and express themselves online
  • Irinel Ionescu (Creative Partner, AMPRO Design) presents the most recent trends in the branding targeting young people
  • Mickey Hash, founder of the most popular vlog in Romania that targets teens, tells the story of how he gathered his community
  • Mihaela Feodorof (Managing Partner, Yourway) will explain the changes a young person goes through once it become employed

The conference will also include case studies of local companies that successfully targeted young generation and obtained good results; among them, Burn, Pepsi, Chio Chips, PUMA or Indygen.

Romanian Youth Focus 2013 is a conference part of the series of events SMARK KnowHow. The event is supported by 360 Revolution, Trade Media,  Casa de Traduceri and Agrafa.