“A coin for you, a future for them”, a campaign signed by Graffiti Social Work and Kaleidoscope Proximity


Thousands of coins are thrown away by Romanian supporters before they enter Steaua’s games in this season of UEFA Champions League (UCL). Still, they won’t be lost anymore, but donated to Mihai Nesu Foundation, as part of the campaign “A coin for you, a future for them”. Football supporters are invited not to throw the coins anymore before entering the stadium, but to put them in a special collecting device, with the gathered amounts to be donated to Mihai Nesu Foundation and to fund initiatives dedicated to children with disabilities.

The campaign started on October 1st, once with the football game FC Steaua Bucharest – FC Chelsea, that took place on National Arena Bucharest.

The device collecting the coins is placed close to the stadium’s access point from Maior Coravu Blvd, at the entrance in front of VIP sectors and will be available for all 3 games that Steaua will play on its own field in this season of UEFA Champions League, manely on October 1st, October 22nd and November 26th. Those who want to make donations online can do so via  www.moneda-viitor.ro

“A coin for you, a future for them” is a campaign initiated by Graffiti Social Work (BBDO Group Romania’s foundation) and Kaleidoscope Proxmity, supported by UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Official Bank of UEFA Champions League.

“A coin for you, a future for them” is that long looked for program that transform waste in gain. It started from a simple thought, easy to recognize by any supporter on any stadium: before entering a game, you are forced to throw, outside the stadium, all the coins from the pocjets. A lot or a few of them – it is still a waste. And it is true. With an average of RON 0.5 thrown by each supporter and 45,000 supporters at the 3 games in Champions League, we reach to the equivalent of Euro 15,000. It’s a huge amount for a foundation. We are happy we can help supporters to come help the organization started by a model in football and in life – Mihai Nesu Foundation

Cristian Pantazi,

Managing Director Kaleidoscope Proximity

The partnership between UniCredit and UEFA Champions League always meant more than a brands’ association. During the previous years, we supported schools’ football teams and we donated sets of equipment. This year, we decided to get involved to another level, encouraging the supporters to join us in promoting a noble cause, with a contribution that mainly supposes an effort to be aware rather than a financial one: instead of wasting coins, they can get to an organization that makes good deeds, namely Mihai Nesu Foundation. Through the projects UniCredit Tiriac Bank supports, we wish to create a culture of voluntarism and social involvement, both for our colleagues and for our clients, business partners and, in this case, for the supporters

Anca Nuta,

Identity and Communication Director UniCredit Tiriac Bank.