UPDATED: Cosmin Tudoran – Viking for a day to promote History’s Viking series

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(adds more info on Vikings series official launch in Romania)

To mark the start of Vikings series on History, scheduled for October 21st, Cosmin Tudoran spent a day as a viking. As he looks alike with the main character of the series, Ragnar Lothbrok, and as he is a fan of the series, Tudoran already has a viking haircut.

For one day, Cosmin put on the viking clothes and started the day with a rich breakfast, based mainly on fish. Than, he took the axe, shield and sword and attended the meetings he had programmed for the day, attracting attention both from colleagues and friends and from random people. The day ended with Cosmin enjoying an ale.

Everything started when, mid-september, Cosmin Tudoran challenged his Facebook friends to like an image with Ragnar if they want him to get the same haircut. The big number of likes convinced him to adopt the new viking haircut. Here’s how it happened with the haircut:

More than that, he promised bacj than to his friends that he will spend a day as a viking, wearing the specific clothes and weapons for the entire day, for all the activities he had programmed that day.

HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran - Viking pentru o zi (1) HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran - Viking pentru o ziHISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran - Viking pentru o zi (2) HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran - Viking pentru o zi (3) HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran - Viking pentru o zi (4)

Viking series will be broadcasted for the 1st time in Romania by History. Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors, The Borgias) signed the screenplay and production of the 9 episodes drama. An Irish-Canadian co-production, belonging to World 2000 and Take 5 Productions, Vikings brought huge ratings to History in USA and ranked 1st in the top of this year’s series, with over 6M viewers for the 1st epiosofe. A contract for the 2nd season of the series was already signed and the promo is already up and running:

HISTORY - Vikingii

A synopsis of the series can be found here.

After this activation, History Romania organized a vikings party in Bucharest, in order to mark the official launch of the series. The party gathered together both Cosmin Tudoran’s friends and fans of the series, and included a screening of show’s first episode, along with a Nordic fest and a lot of fun.

Here’s some photos to illustrate the atmosphere from the party:

HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran si Gabriel Maga (Vunk)

HISTORY - Cosmin Tudoran si vikingii

HISTORY - duel Cosmin-Ernest

HISTORY - Ernest si vikingii

HISTORY - Ospatul vikingilor 2

HISTORY - Ospatul vikingilor

HISTORY - Vikingii - Cosmin Tudoran

HISTORY - Vikingii in Romania