Chocolate memories for children, in a new campaign signed by The Secret Service for Kinder

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The Secret Service signs a new campaign that gives attention to children and listen to their imagination, in the new Kinder Chocolate promotional campaign, that is running until the end of October.

All children play and pretend they are superheroes that have all sorts of incredible powers. If adults don’t have time or don’t feel like encouraging kid’s imagination, Kinder does and encourages them to enter the promotion.

The entire campaign is a nicely drawn story for kids that starts from the unique code inscribed on Kinder Chocolate’s packaging and continues via SMS or online on a special website – – where it unveils step by step, with each execution being spectacular.

The animated TVC show funny situations where a superhero’s intervention is needed and invite the kids that think they can do it to enter the promotion.

Outdoor executions are surprising, taking surprising forms, from panels shaped as huge TVs fit for superheroes to drawings in subway that transform nicknames in strong attributes or dialogues between invisible heroes.

Recognition goes so far that the apartments where chocolate superheroes live had their facades transformed and function now as outdoor in areas with heavy traffic.

Chocolate superheroes kids are also present on the radio waves, where they show their powers in an interactive manner that involve listeners in a mind blowing experience.

POSMs are paper superheroes that vanish immediately from the stores and appear in kids’ playing rooms. The same superheroes can be downloaded from campaign’s website together with a town and other elements that can be colored.

Some commercial centers laid down special set ups where children can have their picture taken while posing as chocolate superheroes. Also, chocolate superheroes are protecting some websites against ugly or aggressive words, while parents bloggers are also present in the campaign, sharing their experience with the superheroes they have at home.

All those executions are building a wonderful universe, that aims to engage kids and parents in a memorable emotional experience that ends with awarding the promotion participants with awesome memories.

The execution are made in a comic book style, adapted to be funny, playful and to appeal kids.

The teams working on the campaign are:

  • The Secret Service: Adina Sorescu – Strategy, Alina Cranga – account handling and production, Mihai Ene – creative direction and copywriting, Gelu Florea and Madalina Tantareanu, Radu Pop – art direction, Corina Bacanu – copywriting, Mihai Girip –  A/V production.
  • Illustration: Noper
  • Animation: Tudor Calnegru
  • Post-Production: Animotion.
  • Ferrero: Camelia Dau- Senior Group Brand Manager Kinder, Andrei Jianu – Brand Manager Kinder Chocolate.

The campaign was implemented together with Media Post Hit Mail, Media Concept Store and Carat.